Three Little Words

I’d like to address reading this memoir “Three Little Words” from the perspective of an aspiring author who wishes to publish a similar story, my own.  I write down testimonies as they return to my memory just as this book captured the thematic childhood of those of us who have felt un-wanted throughout the course …

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Jumping into someone else’s business

I think I get into a tizzy with myself so often because I make myself follow through on my word even though half the time I discovered that my committment was premature. There I said it, and that my friends wraps up my whole live in a nutshell, hence proving that I am non-committal as …

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And a little child will lead them

I tend to get lost in movies because it allows me to live a pseudo life for the next two hours.  I see every life experience depicted in a movie as a correlation between my own and the characters that represent the most growth and introspection.  The movie “Losing Isaiah’, pulled on my heart strings …

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