Surgical storytelling

I always knew instinctively that I was unwanted.  This is a spotlight on my story as I shared about my teaching in the hood of Savannah and how it healed my heart.


Daddy God not only loves you but He likes you too.  The simple truth is that Daddy don't make trash. You are an extension of His perfection which is never to be confused with a subservient representation of His reputation. He is the giver of good and cannot give bad things.  That means all psychological, …

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Spare us, don’t have sex

The very foster care system our country implements is meant to always reconcile the child with the parent who passed him off to strangers, stating that DNA makes that bond more powerful then love.  That however is based on foundational beliefs of the world that view procreation as a right, not a Holy responsibility.  It …

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Bullies are impotent giants

True Story.  Two men at the gym, both brought an urgency to my spirit because each carried his own demons that demanded attention, yet in different forms.  The first man I saw, the other man I heard. I forgot my ipod and couldn’t listen to music as usual so I was keenly aware of my …

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Jumping into someone else’s business

I think I get into a tizzy with myself so often because I make myself follow through on my word even though half the time I discovered that my committment was premature. There I said it, and that my friends wraps up my whole live in a nutshell, hence proving that I am non-committal as …

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Vulgarity in verbalizations

I have never been a fan of vulgar language and have walked away from many females taking part in such verbalizations because it hurts my soul. After all, we aren't born talking trash or even knowing what half the crude stuff being said even means until someone teaches us. How do we learn how to …

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Dinosaurs Pooped in my dream

Dreaming of dinosaur poop had a prophetic message when I was a child that has continued to play out in my adulthood. Being an Autistic therapist and studying trauma was a direction I took based on dreams that warned and instructed my life.   <a href=""></a&gt;