VAX trap

Why else would vaccines be given out for free at every Walgreens and CVS. Now they want me as an adult to get one for shingles. I got one for the flu in 2009 and it caused my nerves to overfire and left me bedridden for over a year. Please, this is getting out of …

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Spiritually dismantling pain

After years of scheduling three or four doctors’ visits in a week I relate well to afflicted patients and misunderstood medical phenomena.  I have had my chart flagged in many physicians’ notes for being a hypochondriac and I repelled people when seeking prayer at church.  Now, being on the other side of relying on a …

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Spiritually connecting to heal the female body

Spiritually Connecting to heal the female body Cyclical ailments have always run on a predicted path for me in my body.  It is the single most confusing and gripping area of strife in my life, one that is familiar and daunting.  I understand the anger that manifests in other people when they are in pain, …

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