Procreation affects population, vaccines snuff it.

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Why do we question vaccines being our problem if they now keep us from family members? How many people and loved ones have to be affected before people start realizing that is an agenda to control mass population? This lady can't see her granddaughter? This is infringement against our very right to breathe, not to mention our amendment rights. Vaccinations are now causing dissension among families, focusing on parents as the problem if they don't subject their offspring to the poison by making them the scapegoat for future fear of outbreaks. This is getting out of hand and will hurt the children birthed from this time period forward. I had a group I met tell me that I was wrong when stating my PERSONAL knowledge of vaccines forever changing children that I have worked with for 18 years. I find it funny that most were in their twenties and under the ABA mandates of diagnosis. Why would we want to blame the parents for reproducing like generations before have? There is something wrong if we are quick to negate pharma and vaccines but so willing to place guilt and shame on couples who want a family. This is so backwards! And I can't even forge research at any state university against vaccines because the government has closed the subject and made education another way for it to persuade popular opinion. Just wait, if enough kids start manifesting with autism they may just propose from the White House that murderers have a murder gene. #media #propaganda #vaccines #vexed #autism #poison #heresy #getyourfactsstraight #please #commonsense #children #dissension #familybreak #control #regulation #rights #currency #onecurrency #brainwashing #autistic #truth

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