Spare us, don’t have sex

The very foster care system our country implements is meant to always reconcile the child with the parent who passed him off to strangers, stating that DNA makes that bond more powerful then love.  That however is based on foundational beliefs of the world that view procreation as a right, not a Holy responsibility.  It need not matter if the parents are incapable of emotionally bonding or connecting with their offspring, just that they provide food, shelter and clothing.  Most people would equate that to child neglect, unless of course that’s all they received from their family.  There isn’t a free program out there that has been able to forge parenting classes that break down the dysfunction taught to them, much less equip people to heal from the sick ways they were raised.  Society at large needs to oppress families in order to generate jobs with low pay and high burnout while keeping the vast majority under a regime of ignorance so they will never mentally evolve into the spiritual beings God intended.
We have an epidemic of parents birthing children for next-to-nothing on the tax payers tab, and then it’s defined as acceptable lifestyle because it takes a village to continue the care.  That’s how ignorant dogma disrupts God’s plan and claims generations of children to be the responsibility of a system that can’t nurture and protect them.  Truth becomes lies and lies become truth for the kid who becomes the scapegoat of two people who just wanted to have unprotected sex.  “Oh dang, I’m pregnant”, hardly states responsibility when the act of a hook-up bares consequence. Never mind that governmental intervention lacks spiritual understanding and creates dependents who are quicker to defend paychecks than the children supposed to be living off of them.  Should obligation fuel resentment toward a child from the parents, the little mind forms a compliant personality out of fear, praying for relief from mistreating authority figures.  God is only allowed to move as much as a persons free will allows Him, but unfortunately children base their belief of a judging God on a breached relationship with their own parents.
They don’t stop loving their parents when blamed for family problems, these children blame themselves.  This is the perfect entry point for the enemy of their souls to attach lies about their worth and purpose in hopes they will self-destruct by the time they are adults.  Sex trafficking and gang initiations are run just like the mafia and our own political regime; surrogates whisk in as the answer to these children’s rejection and place them in compromising lifestyles that will define them as property, all because someone procreated and shouldn’t have.  WE could stand as a nation against the brokenness that governs our law makers and breakers, but that would require accountable adults to heal their own inner pain from childhood and become the voice of truth for our land.  That is the prophetic call for believers, to pray for the protection of children against all systematic plans that the enemy uses to make them maladaptive adults.  There is still hope to pray and overturn all devices of the enemy that have overshadowed the original declaration of God to protect and serve each other.

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