Humility of Holocaust in the face of race

The definition of racism is vast and covers all four corners of the earth. It takes root in hating anyone else who doesn’t THINK like you, much less look like you. The Nazi’s coined a phrase after creating problems and swooping in with the “solution” of protecting their ‘mark’ with promises of “it’s for your public safety”. Activism has a similar foundation, destroying historical truths for the sake of adapting to coming change, yet it only has grace and mercy for it’s own kind. I don’t think Jesus went around demanding that people think like Him through enforcement or revoking of rights? Humankind needs God because when we are left to our demise we usurp authority from those meant to keep order in uncertain times. Should power be displaced we will suffer a greater consequence of militia having to eventually step in. But yet, the power of prayer should be the tipping point, the reason any of us who answer for our own behavior should forgive those who comes against us for not being drones. Because Jesus also said, many will hate you for your affiliation with Me.

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