Life’s fabricated freedom

Dreams are meant to direct our paths not invite corruption or become scandalous nightmares.  Shows like “Falling Waters” that have demonized dreams, are running with all types of bogus messages because most Christians are powerless when discerning the meaning of them.  If believers can’t interpret dreams for the sake of applying hope and understanding, you best believe the enemy will take over with fear and deception.  So the world is manipulated by the sources which educate them like media, movies and marketing, all while their Biblical understanding of the supernatural gets replaced with lies.  The makers of “The Walking Dead” created this cryptic ABC sci-fi because the masses follow their neighbor over cliffs and die because they’d rather follow others instead of take a path led by God.  The sign of the times is upon us and if you remove the “M” from masses, what you get is a lot of asses stirring up fear in hopes to control the average citizen who falls for spiritual darkness without discerning the light which illuminates it.  My hope is to take clips of the blatant lies spilling into our living rooms and appropriate the evil intent as well as the de-sensitizing it does with regard to our fellow man.



Think about every commercial break when you see a pharmaceutical ad. They are getting more creative, hiring actors and putting lab coats on them to portray real doctors. Is it so hard then to believe conglomerate businesses also hire “crisis casters” for staged news broadcasting? With hate crimes on the rise because of social media suggestions, does anyone stop to think about who benefits from the messages? Just like the big wigs who call the shots in any system, news coverage brings in the money for those who already have it.  Meanwhile the cost of citizens who still think for themselves is expensive because they won’t pop a pill or drink the media juice so easily.  So journalism, sitcoms, dramas, media and politicians drum up the same story lines with intent of persuading the audience that commonality is attractive.  It isn’t. And most of what we see and read is bogus. None of it is intended to heal society because it sells victimization in order to feed its growth.


If they go to such lengths to pay actors for prescription ads what makes you think that they don’t invest in professional ads for messages they want to promote? When you only see a police car at the scene of a catastrophic crime, zoom in on that video.  Something of grave proportions with numerous deaths will have footage of ambulances, crowds, helicopters and plenty of iphone captures because nobody minds their own business anymore.  Lets not forget to mention that vaccines are free and highly recommended to control the Coronoa virus which mandated land locks, while cures for real disease cost thousands that only the rich can afford.  How many birds are killed with one stone through that agenda? I wonder what the makers of that beer did to earn itself a position of scapegoat for a world wide pestilence?  I’d be willing to bet that foul play was involved to silence that brand because after a few short weeks the switch was made to COVID19 long after the damage was done.  Games like those are the reality of conglomerate businesses who pad the pockets of lobbyists in our government, but high school social studies classes won’t ever teach that truth.  Must be the same reason why The Third Reich isn’t discussed in our public education system, after all the Nazis had a phrase which covered all atrocities by the state: “It’s for your safety”.


Nobody can get the real story on any politician because they answer to spirits that afford their deception to never be found out, yet they are successful at stirring up strife and dissension among average people groups. All they do is plant the seed of injustice and the commoners will do their bidding for them, usually through picketing, looting and rioting.  Districts show up when people call me from my home town up north, district six, district three; and we think movies like “The Hunger Games” are just entertainment?  Let’s see spiritually and think beyond what the powers that be want us to believe. Movies back in the eighties depicted the twin towers going down by airplanes long before it manifested, and we believe in a government to protect us?  The same espionage that literally has to post innocence of the secret societies on the cover of People magazine, put a one-eight hundred number on the carton of cigarettes after getting you addicted.  If there is an effort or movement to persuade the public to believe that its influence is benign, the marketing strategy fueling it was afraid of being found out.


Look at the cases of testicular cancer in men or breast cancer in women who put their cell phones in their pocket or bras.  Are we really that inhibited by the vibration and energy that goes out from our electronic devices to not question the myriad of ways that it assaults our senses?  People get depressed if they linger on Facebook too long just from the hostility being seen, recorded or spoken.  We are made with complex brains that can simulate knowledge and input at high frequency, until it is messed with by gama waves, pulses and energy that is known to short out our memory.  What better way to tell people what they need to remember?


With the incredible onslaught against connection that erupted with the pandemic, it whittled us down to savages by the time the powers that be switched the focus back to black lives matter slogans.  The message was clear in the beginning, blame your neighbor for making you sick and now blame anyone who doesn’t think like you.  Eventually they will market a pill to pop for amnesia because by that time people will have given up their first and fifth amendment rights and accepted the nightmare of control through the National Guard.  If Congress can make “order” a matter of national security, martial law will be the “natural” response.  Politicians are really just puppets on a string, because they respond just like demons do, with one track minds that can only accomplish its spiritual assignment.  But make no mistake, the agenda they both adhere too, is the real attack on this world.


Don’t believe the hype, think before you believe what is the popular group think.  Turn off the hellish horror themes because the absence of God is hell enough.  The way to stop the world banging down your door is to stop its infiltration once you cross your threshold.  We don’t have to invite the fear into our homes by turning on the boob tube, and we can get strengthened spiritually in the confines of our walls before we exit the next time.  We can interpret our dreams at night and apply them to our waking hours by looking at the signs in our media.  Whatever negative message infiltrates the atmosphere, it is a distraction from the truth of God’s remedy.  We can flip it, and flip it for good just like nightmares and warning dreams.  The popular themes and scenes we see in movies or media still reveal the darkness that the enemy plans because someone has brought his message to life.  Our role as believers is to declare the opposite of fear, suffering and mind-control because His ways are far above mans.  No earthly manifestation is bigger than heavens revelation for overcoming it.  Trust Gods ability to speak truth and power through our dreams, connecting relationships, prayer, love, and acceptance in spite of the ways of the world that surround us.



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