From COVID to Racism

Words were just rolling out of my mind onto the screen and allowing me to share insight that I have gained through dreaming the past few nights when suddenly everything disappeared from the page.  I slumped in my chair, shut my eyes and tried to refrain from screaming because I didn’t want to lose that momentum of revelation.  But then I remembered that I was writing to a mixed audience, some that I wanted to educate and others who were believers and already on-board with my viewpoints of the current chaos our land is suffering with.  So it seems that the lost prophecy was really a gain, because I had a moment to ask Daddy God if He indeed was the One speaking, and if so, to give the words back to me to share, for I dare not speak from my own perception or limited understanding.

Being a dreamer comes with a cost because the download I gain while sleeping hardly makes sense to others when I try to explain the prophetic interpretation to them.  I have seen many people look at me with skepticism or fear as I recite step by step instruction dreams that launched my businesses, dreams that prepared me for missions, warned me of on-coming spiritual attack or natural disasters, and those that predicted my involvement with people, places and things.  I have to remind myself that not everyone has spiritual eyes to see and their reality will decipher my delivery of such insight, as a dreary, doomsday, fear driven depiction of life.  This always baffles me because I’m usually excited when I share the story of redemption hidden in the message, but by that point, I’ve lost them and they think I’m one of those conspiracy theorists.  Once this threshold has been crossed I witness the dismissal in their eyes and I await their change of topic, abruptly.

After shutting down my dreams as a child because I had recurring nightmares, nothing could be more exciting to me than gaining  them back once I got saved.  I was 23 and literally gave my heart to Jesus and started dreaming instantly.  He had redeemed my childhood pain and abuse through new understanding, expectation of the miraculous and most importantly direction for my waking hours.  At the time of my new found relationship with the Lord I was stuck in some pretty spiritual heaviness while mingling with lobbyists in Washington DC. Thank God he spoke to me vividly about breaking out of a secret lifestyle that had me bound because I have made every major decision in my life based on discerning my dreams since.

I have been dreaming every night this week about the racism that has surfaced and when I woke, Daddy told me that the upheaval in social media was staged.  What better way to turn the focus off of COVID and back onto the polarization of racism.  Facebook ignited another agenda of typical lobbyists years ago with the black lives matter movement. Blue lives, the police, were attacked for bigotry, beatings and brutal treatment of minorities, mainly African Americans.  I was working in the hood of Savannah the day social media pioneered it’s purposeful plan to have blacks rise up against authority. I was pinned to my desk with a pair of scissors to my jugular because my black students assumed I was a racist because of the color of my skin. I remained in that school district for four years total, and learned that politics runs impoverished jurisdictions with the same spirit it does congress and my heart was sickened due to the racial divide they promote.  Many believers prayed against the uprising of hate crimes and satan’s plan was postponed, until now.

The accuser of the brethren is upping the stakes so everyone will fall in line and start blaming their neighbor, who by the way, they no longer trust due to social distancing.  We are facing the second wave of his attack in this new decade, a decade dedicated to set forth destiny for God’s children, reclaim lost generations, ignite revival and usher in the Lord’s return.  This second uprising therefore, is the enemy’s attempt to snuff all connection and community through his favorite tactic, dissension.

Most of the atrocities we have seen in the news over the past decade have been fabricated and staged by corporate conglomerate business and lobbying politicians who make it hard for opposition to stand against them.  The spirits behind power and political control will never reveal it’s true nature in society because it too must fulfill the WORD spoken in Revelations.  In 2017 I dreamt that churches would be closed and only allowed to re-convene under sanctions of governmental control.  Before the man-made virus hit American soil, California had passed a law in October of 2019 that preaching from the protestant pulpit would be regulated in order to “not offend” the public at large.  With the Catholic Church representing the most powerful influence in media as well as economically, subjecting other Christians to the same view would appear natural, except to those who operate as a 501-c3 to preach independently.

This revoking of freedom however, can be flipped for good and ignite separation of church from state in hopes that true liberty will be found in our hearts.  Trust that this shaking will allow Christians, who are led by the Holy Spirit, to rise up as examples of true worship in the face of restriction, for we are not called to put our faith in government.  The protection we have in this acceleration of dissension is trusting that the Biblical prophecies give us step by step foreshadowing of what is to come.  Once we accept that trial and tribulations are set up by hell and played out through people who succumb to it, the fight for any other Savior to rescue us will fall away.

And since we know that Jesus has said that the government is upon His shoulders, He is longing for us to be as wise as serpents but gentle as doves while shining light on ploys of darkness. Nothing taught me that more than visiting the Virgin Islands just before the pandemic broke out.  I had an opportunity to visit the U.S. territory and knew The Lord wanted me to go for spiritual understanding because I had the exact time off work and amount of money set aside, yet had conflict over the acquaintance i’d be traveling with.

Upon arrival I was overwhelmed with the great economic divide among their own.  The natives had two distinct sides, those who were bought and paid for by OUR government were running the hardware, grocery and convenience stores.  In trusting the lead of Holy Spirit I went into some shady areas where I was surrounded by members of the SWAT team who were protecting these “store owners”.  Without probing, these officials bragged about their invincible positions because of elite membership in U.S. government corruption, but they were hardly acting like dignitaries.  In fact, they were drunk and hanging out in the most destitute of bars that all bore the markings of a secretive, oppressive spirit.  I knew better than to speak against the demonic realm I found myself in, so I sought Daddy for confirmation.

Sine my travel partner had vacated the premises I was in high alert for safety.  One of the members sat and sipped on his drink and asked me where I was from.  I found out he was from Atlanta but hadn’t been home in 7 years.  Then I got the download from heaven and permission to prophecy.  I looked into this man’s sad eyes and knew he had suffered estrangement from family, friends and people most of his life.  I saw that he was looking for camaraderie with others but what he had gotten himself into was weighing heavy on his soul.  I saw a vision of him running away from the authorities acting like a civilian to free small children because the Lord was leading Him back into true freedom.  This man had a great purpose all along, and even though he was on the opposing spiritual team, Daddy was still going to make a way out for him.  This man had a sensitivity of a child and we both teared up.  I prayed over him and knew I had accomplished the goal God sent me to the Islands for.

I was the light in that dark place and every day there was a wave of depth that confirmed He will send us into the gates of hell if there is just ONE who needs saving.  The beauty of the island couldn’t do it for this young man and neither could his private ranking in business and politics.  I knew that this was the potential economic plan of the states and it made me angry.  Although I brought the message of hope it was still prophesying the hard choices this man will have to make when surrendering allegiance to a system, a choice we all have to face.  I was happy to be leaving because the information gathered was saddening, although insightful.  When I boarded the plane many people were wearing masks and times in the airport were prolonged emanating a heavy presence of irritation that didn’t lift even when I landed back home.  That night I couldn’t sleep and prayed through most it because my spirit was wrestling with a sense of captivity.  The following week the pandemic was all the news was reporting.

Unfortunately but fortunately I have had prophetic dreams about the coming economic armageddon and knew my recent travels prepared my subconscious for the first wave of deception to surface. When I woke one morning last week to the abrupt opinions bantering back and forth about the targeted stories of injustice, Daddy confirmed that this race card, was indeed the smoke needed to screen us from the virus tabloids.  What better way to send a second wave of upheaval than a re-directive ploy?  Crazy enough I was offered a job interview days following from a person that mentioned our growing economic divide becoming one of strategy.  He recognized I had some wisdom about covert topics and I took the invitation as curiosity to confirm my own insight on the challenging times.  When the prospective job was in the slums despite boss man bragging about it’s immense worth, it took me right back to the Virgin Islands.

Once the interview was underway with a spread of food and wine on the table, I had an unction in my spirit that this guy was seeking confirmation on something that he had deep within his spirit. It didn’t take long to realize that he was not a Christian and when I talked about my belief and understanding of the worlds ways, something told me to touch on the secret spirit driving politics. It was like putting the fish directly on a hook because he wanted nothing less than to brag about his affiliation with lobbyists and secured wealth that would set him apart from other businesses should a failing economy present itself. I was taking mental notes and appearing on the outside as if I was calm, cool and collected, however inside my heart was racing and I knew that this too was a powerful confirmation of the revelation Daddy gave me in the islands.

His mom is a politician from the North and has invited him as her heir, to join spiritual forces with power and influence that would ensure his growing success under a covert operation.  From his mouth he stated that the racism which we see taking over the mass media waves right now is nothing less than a governmental agenda to shut down the Corona virus and ignite rioting for the sake of enforcing the national guard which will lead to American soil being under martial law. I played dumb to the best of my ability and asked a ton of questions that solidified my own fears of just how many people in Congress, FBI, CIA, our police force, and the hood, truly are run by our governmental officials. For whatever reason this guy saw the spirit in me as something he wanted, but by the end of the conversation determined was less powerful than his affiliation and entanglement with those from the White House. And I declined his promises of influential alliances but ensured him that I was praying for his wisdom.  

The facts of the world are far from reality, they are numbers, agenda and lies held in place by laws of the land and spiritual forces.  These things will never be discussed openly or honestly nor economically or politically unless attunement to Holy Spirit sheds light through connection with another soul.  Let Him be your standard regardless of how bad it looks because few will go where He compels.  Before fearing that freedom is being revoked read what the scriptures have to say about the great glory that will be revealed to bring in a harvest of believers despite the oppression that is inevitable.  It doesn’t have to get worse for those who believe just because the circumstances will.

Every glimpse we get into the enemy’s plan is a way to flip it for good because we don’t have to live out a nightmare.  If we acknowledge that those in the White House have decision making power that can negatively affect us, we get to declare the opposite and ask for strategic plans to infiltrate our thoughts during the day and dreams at night.   We don’t have to choose a political side or fight with opinion because our position of honor will be our protection. Listen and learn from those those who gloat and need their own glory and walk away.  Pray for those in leadership because they have bought into the lie of the land and fabricate scenarios for the mental dissension of all involved.  Our prayers have the power to slow down the process of destruction and buy us time to spread the Gospel.  We are already on the side of justice when we don’t follow the world’s agenda. Nothing secretive will remain for our God reveals truth with His light and He intends for us to overcome every battle.  The reason we stand on the firm foundation of Christ is because He is well acquainted with suffering, yet He overcame it through the resurrection.  We are destined for the same life as He.

Daniel 2:22 Job 12:22

IMG-8821One day it’s COVID, the next it’s Racism

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