Dating a man with Mommy issues.

I always circle back to dating topics because love makes the world go round, unless of course a guy has mommy issues.  This is where you put your big girl pants on and use the data given in the beginning stages to not invest in a relationship where you have to dumb yourself down for acceptance of a warm body sitting next to you.  Trust soul for a chance at living an abundant life. If we have Holy Spirit pumping through our veins than it’s safe to say that His lead will be straight to your gut. When trying to connect on a date, it is important that females don’t second guess their instincts about a guy’s eye contact, dismissive nature or problems connecting with emotion. Mommy issues are made through narcissistic behavior that creates emotional ineptness in their children, male or female. Specifically for men however, when they speak of judgment toward their mothers, it is a red flag to pay attention too. The pattern in behavior where a man seeks a woman who can empathize with his empty love tank, becomes a strategy he keeps in his back pocket for gaining pity. Now I am becoming wise to such tactics and I encourage other women to walk away sooner rather than later when dates reveal such truths. It is okay to extend compassion, but not at the expense of my own well being because narcissistic moms make narcs and my spirit is looking for someone to do life with, not re-parent.

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