You are more than your parts

Wow, when your emotions take a tumbling through life, it is powerful to learn how IFS Therapy can empower one to heal the past. Praying that I can couple Christianity and counseling through this model in a way that heals others who have been wounded from church practices. So much of “bad behavior” has been labeled as sin when it is symptomatic of perceived judgment during development which needs to be freed from the inner child. I have seen the light and am so thankful for such sacred moments. You are not your personality, since so much of what makes up a person can change once truth sets it free. You are not your thoughts, since many parts of your inner world protect you from yourself. And you are not broken, because you were created in Gods image and He don’t make trash. So let the teachings of dogma and systems demonize someone else, and get to know all of the good, the “bad” and the ugly truth about love and acceptance from heavens view.

6 thoughts on “You are more than your parts

  1. I keep on trying to explain to people that what made the “first man” was that God breathed His spirit into Adam. In other words, after three billion years of evolution, finally there came a creature capable of expressing and receiving love. We’ve only had seven thousand years to clean up the mess that came before us, and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about our imperfections.

    Of course, when your belief is that a single mortal sin gets you cast out of heaven, lest they corrupt those you care for, you tend to want to force people out of Church that need it the most. The book of Revelation has something very specific to say about that – in Chapter 11, I believe. A mortal sin may mean that you have to try again. It doesn’t condemn you to hell – unless you consider Earth as we’ve made it to be a form of that.

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