Should you follow your heart?

Serpents have a way of suggesting that your instincts should be questioned.  Adam and Eve basically doubted themselves and God as soon as the slithering tactics of enticement lured them into following their hearts toward desire.  Directions were given and all they had to do was stick with the plan so nobody would get their feelings hurt.  But Satan had a goal, to charm the couple with empty promises and manipulate their affections.  With deceit dripping from his lips, he offered more choices than God had given and caused wavering emotions that preempted terminal allegiance to a lesser love that would require performance to maintain.  It was genius, after all, the man and woman couldn’t possibly have known that they would immediately turn on each other as the snake became a shadow of darkness and true love was lost.  The damage had been done, much like moments where leaders listen to the slight prompting of evil agenda that whispers to their hearts for control.  In the spiritual battle of the mind, war manifests as soon as one justifies following his fleshly temptations.

When you follow your heart down a path of agenda to conquer anything, the demise can be quick, especially if you believe the lie that the sweat of your brow will be enough repayment. Many people see a goal in sight and pursue the path of obtaining it without measuring the cost of relationships.  Earning the rights to court someone toward marriage has become a mystery in this day and age because the internet has heightened the selfishness of people through instant gratification.  Gone are the days of interest, pursuit and commitment toward a bond meant to be long suffering.

In Jesus’ day, a covenant was marked through the shedding of blood by sacrificing an animal and two land owners walking through it to bind them until death.  The wedding night was the first break of a woman’s hymen which split the barrier of separation between her and the groom, hence blood shed in union of two souls which mate for life.  Jesus had to shed His own blood to prove that those of us who believe in Him for life after death and abundance while on this earth, would remain in covenant with Him.  Following our hearts is what led us to Christ, but it is also what leads us astray.

Evil can mask itself as passion with intention and few will ever discern it until it’s too late.  The truth is that Daddy sent His Son for the sake of redemption and all of us long to be loved, accepted and honored.  Desire for Him and His purpose in our lives will always redirect us back to Christs mercy and grace that was founded on His shed blood.  He died for you.  He died for me.  What’s crazy is that He died for corrupt kings and leaders like Stalin and Hitler too.  The difference between us and them is that we recognize His sacrifice as our ONE shot out of hell and into a life of intimacy where deep connection to Him becomes a greater desire than control.  And who understands our propensity toward power better than anyone else but God in heaven, for Satan challenged Him over the throne.  Before enticing humans in the garden, the devil led worship but longed for the glory he invoked to make him just like God.  Therefore, his sentence was to the earth where he not only manifested in creature, but also in the fallen nature of man.

If our alignment is with the truth of God and willing to submit our knowledge to the spiritual leading of Holy Spirit, even when we run after our own desires, He can re-direct our course.  Everything is redeemable, even the aftermath of war set in motion by tyrants who craved discourse and ambition from the enemy’s hand.  Temptation is always alluring because those who wield it have already taken a bite out of the apple and survived.  They either found it to be too intoxicating and long for others to join them in the pursuit or they take a leap of faith and turn their course of direction.  Desire for truth means dying to ourselves.  Death through surrender can be the most fulfilling choice we make if it spares casualties of the heart.

But few choose.

Few trust Daddy with their life purpose, relationships, family, finances, career and character.  Following His heart will cost us relationships while others may have followed the wrong path to obtaining them.  With a tweak or short cut, our ambition can betray our heart and leave us broken over its effects.  And yet, we await Christ’s return because He wants all to be saved.  He wanted Stalin and Hitler to be saved, but yet He waits for their successors.  He is steadfast and allows the unjust to mingle with the just, because in His waiting for us to choose His desires, we grow in character and press into His hope for our future.  We overcome the treachery of darkness and shed light on the mysteries of the Gospel, and in that moment we create a covenant with Our Lord that He desires.

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