Power in protecting children

I held a 2 month old baby in my arms who was left face down in her mucus yesterday. The staff at the nursery didn’t know how to deal with her crying. When I wiped her face and began praying over her I heard the word “fear”. Then one of the employees said, “her dad comes to pick her up and asks, ‘Was she a little bitch today’? Tears came to my eyes as I held this sweat drenched baby in my arms and broke those abusive curses off of her. It then became a #holyspirit moment as I revealed the power of protection this care taker had in her position of #authority I prayed over the young lady and pointed out that she could also love and hold this baby while it was under her “work domain” and in her presence. Having privy information over that baby’s circumstances is a call on her life to stand in the gap for the abusive father and offer spiritual safety that could help heal the child’s spirit. I left crying yesterday, knowing that so many children are being blamed for the parent’s beliefs. Tune in to what you feel, sense and know in the spirit realm, because it is always telling you how to intercede for those without defense. http://www.revelationsfromdaddyinheaven.com




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