Find the ONE who formed you to follow

I always say, “God don’t make trash” which means he doesn’t give the birth defects, the autism, the gay gene, the vehement temper, the addiction, anxiety disorders, depression or disease we suffer with, because we are knit together perfectly in our mothers womb. And every single one of us shot out of a woman’s womb.  She may not have wanted you, but the big man upstairs certainly did.  He designed you with purpose in mind and expected yours, to think on truths from His Kingdom in Heaven.  It’s a contradiction of His power to curse something He created and throw away the original design.  However, the Kingdom of hell is all about making humans feel like garbage.  All satan needs is permission from us through unbelief.
A man or woman can reject their baby spiritually through thought, and therein lies the lawful permission for evil to afflict that child’s formation.  Ask any child who has been adopted if they struggle with rejection and you will hear a myriad of stories from him and the adoptive family about beliefs in abandonment and rejection despite the good upbringing received by surrogates.  But that sounds preposterous to the medical community, political programs and even some Christians who need to put such emphasis on their opinions in order to sway the mindsets of their followers. Followers become supporters of campaigns and marches and impeachments which are all fueled by the same confusion that stinks of rubbish.  The thinking becomes the problem, which is always founded on lack perceived by a person who snatched the goodness of God away to justify negative circumstances.
Make no mistake, Christ doesn’t make mistakes so all imperfection is a sign of the darkness meant to oppress His people, and we are all created in His image.  It is only after the enemy’s hand has contorted a chromosome, twisted a thought or afflicted a soul in development of body in the womb, and continuous assault against our mind afterward, in which we suffer throughout life.  Daddy don’t make trash and even after hell has harmed His people, He still supports the propensity for all of us to overcome sin and it’s affects.  We aren’t called to throw out the truths of His love, we are called to stand on them when reason and knowledge tries to quantify hardships.  Faith doesn’t justify the problem, it hopes for the miracle of God’s love to heal it either on this side of heaven or when we get there.
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