Let them learn

That makes sense to me, most teens who feel they have little freedom at home, give up hope in God. They associate God to being a parent like they have experienced on earth. Their perception is their truth and until one gets truth from Him directly, they may need to process what it is like to avoid Him. All of that too, will change as feelings of love and acceptance for oneself grow through the ability to make mistakes.

God becomes whoever we are taught He is while developing as children.  The strictness of religious households can strangle spontaneity in personality because it is founded in fear.  For a child to be able to express himself and ponder life, he has to be able to cultivate beliefs about Christ through imagination, mistakes, disillusionment, and emotion.  When safety and security are compromised when relating to their parents, doubt and unbelief are turned inward.  Even with the best intentions to raise a child up with faith, if it comes from a place of persuasion and expectation, parents can drive a deeper wedge between God and their kids.  Love covers a multitude of sins, remember you were a kid once.


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