House Rules

I’m not throwing shade, I’m just trying to shed some light on the darkness. If teenagers were understood by their parents, there wouldn’t be a problem with that stage of development, ever. But most rents can’t communicate with their teens if the subject of faith is on the line.”House Rules” generally demand that church going, not cussing and purity be paramount, but unfortunately, kids feel judged in their mistakes and for their choices.

I had a teacher make a fellow student stand up and read her plagiarized book report in front of the class and gloat in the public humiliation she caused.  I wanted to hide under the desk because I was afraid of the same judgment.  But most of all was mortified that nobody in my life who was supposed to support and guide me, did it in love.  Teachers, parents and authority figures wanted me to follow their rules, but seldom cared about their delivery.  At the end of the day, I associated people in charge with following God’s rules and if I broke them, He would hate me like they did.

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