Fire and brimstone

Is fire and brimstone a thing? I came last Thursday night on August 25th and was saddened by the “sermon”. I have to be desperate in order to have Jesus touch me? Do I have to pay the price of faith through fire and brimstone? I should have recorded this dude because he was trying so hard to be emphatic, repeating Holy more times than it is written in the scripture. rom 12:1-3

This man literally spoke of his own son living correctly but being filled with Worldly influence? Salvation is a journey right? The entire sermon was on what the church is doing wrong.

My question is, “If you aren’t doing what those other churches are doing, could you keep your eyes on what God is telling you to do? Aren’t we gathering faithfully here, aren’t we supposed to keep our eyes on Him? How is throwing shade at others helping us if we gather together? What others do is none of our business as long as we are just shining light and love on them. You sing songs of worshiping the Lord but the message is sooooo religious. Did you see the young people getting excited when you mentioned rebuking a person with an e-cigarette and banning them from church? Is that how you see Gods people who are emotional? I think Jesus lured people to Him through love, not frowns and waving fingers or misinterpreted dreams that misunderstand the times.

I am a therapist and have witnessed emotions point toward the humility of Jesus who understands why a girl is wearing a mini skirt. Those same young girls have stories of abuse and rejection that our Savior understands despite the length of their garments.

Fire and brimstone certainly will not speak to this era nor will your judgments. Reminding people of their sin isn’t going to persuade them to do the opposite. I’m not certain why I returned here but it was the third time and it will be my last. I’m really saddened by the religious spirit that is so quick to imprison those who are set free through faith. Fear mongoring is no different that scaring people into salvation like those days of old, you got a 30 year catch up to obtain. You have no idea of someone’s process. And just one last little fun fact, most children who “go astray” never return to God because of the fierce disapproval they received from their parents. I don’t believe the Father is a judgmental parent reminding us of all we do wrong, and neither should you. Since when has prophetic words ever been meant to spew opinion. Mercy and grace my friend, mercy and grace.

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