Truth will be called lies

This is the day and age in which we live, where America is a free for all and anything goes, unless of course you speak your mind and it offends someone else.  Isn’t that the slogan of democracy, to exercise your freedom of speech?  Not if it stands for history or truth or disproves common thought that is force fed through media waves.  You aren’t allowed to be sarcastic without being labeled a cynic but you can spew hatred toward political leaders and be deemed righteous because of your opinion mattering more than the next guys, or should I say, the one opposing your argument.  But isn’t that the problem, hating anyone who doesn’t think like you and not understanding how they could not see it your way?  For a non-religious stance, you are defining the religious spirit.  It always says, “my truth is the only truth”, and that my friends is the foundation to all deceptive arguments on our land.



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