2 thoughts on “Surgical storytelling

  1. Dan Bezon, DC

    Great story telling, I’d vote to give you the prize, would not want to mess with this “white mama”. This would be a great message for Native America who has mothers and fathers that don’t want them either = socialism. Under socialism you give the father just enough money to get drunk, beat their wives, incest and pee in their pants. That’s also called, “Bernism”, feel the burn. Progression: Reservation, Vermont, South American “V” country I can’t spell, rich and totally bankrupt.
    But, God so loved the world that he gave His only Son, even for progressive left Liberals.
    Keep tellin’ the story, keep tellin’ your story because “Daddy” gave you a story to tell that no one else can. In the Kingdom you get a new name to go with your old stories, Rev.2:17. Don’t misplace your “stone”.


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