Daddy God not only loves you but He likes you too.  The simple truth is that Daddy don’t make trash. You are an extension of His perfection which is never to be confused with a subservient representation of His reputation.

He is the giver of good and cannot give bad things.  That means all psychological, physiological and physical manifestations which contradict perfection, should be piled up at the dump, because He simply can’t create conflict for His own kind.

If you feel distant from Him personally, He understands that too.  The greatest clue of childhood abuse and mistreatment is when that adult child grows up to mistreat his elderly parent.  The giveaway is usually through impatience, dismissal or accusation that can manifest numerous ways, but always reflects the resentment over being unprotected, unwanted, unloved or unaccepted.

The good news is that Christ came to mend our brokenness in hopes of us finding joy again.  He likes the way you think and loves you even when your family can’t because they throw away opportunities to understand you.  You were never meant to carry those burdens beyond the cross.  His blood is thicker than water, and that makes Him your closest relative.

One thought on “simple

  1. Dan Bezon, DC

    God loves me, this i know because the Bible tells me so. The rub, i don’t think He always “likes” me. Loves always but when not liking does not mean rejection just, “Boy, time to get your act together, stop drinking milk, 1Cor.3:1,2.


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