Tribal tenderness twisted terminology

God can’t produce a bad situation in hopes of twisting our arm to look toward Him for relief. I have sincere compassion for the gay community but don’t condone it, however I never use Jesus as an argument either. I have worked with numerous teens who struggle with gender identity issues and have witnessed them turn from feeling gay into living heterosexual lives. It always comes from Holy Spirit healing their childhood wounds and bringing truth to the lies they believe about being un-wanted, abandoned and rejected.
I think of a story my adopted daughter told me about whose tribe lived in such peace that they seldom had outbursts of anger and blessed their children daily. The interesting thing is, that some missionaries came in to “indoctrinate” the tribe with western religion and “get them saved” without considering that they already were.  In Western religious arrogance, the missionaries assumed that the correct words for salvation weren’t being used and that it was their job to play Holy Spirit. Yet the tribe changed the hearts of the missionaries through innate example, a connection directly related to heaven. Whenever one of their tribesmen made a mistake, sinned as we call it, the rest of the group would gather and encircle him. They would make declarations of who he really was in the sight of God. No questions. Just affirmations, “this sin is not who you are, you are a man of valor, an honest patriarch”. “You are worthy, you were wanted by God in your mothers womb, you have a destiny nobody else can fulfill, you are loved in every action despite if you believe it or not”.  And so the rich joy and laughter that emanated from that tribe opened the eyes of the missionaries who had never seen such faith exemplified to them like that before.
There was little sickness, no gender identity issues, no fist throwing brawls or abusive acts or language because they lacked religious dogma and simply passed down the love they knew from generation to generation.  The best part was that they protected their children through alliances of body language.  A look would indicate “get behind me” as the parent would defend a strangers interrogation.  That sounds incredibly close to the Bible stating, “a strangers voice I will not follow”.  This tribe was activating the presence of Holy Spirit and being led into honor of each new generation because they cultivated it over and over again.  Children were their joy because they took responsibility for guiding them into truth, the truth of God wanting them long before the parents even procreated.

One thought on “Tribal tenderness twisted terminology

  1. Dan Bezon, DC

    Good write, have thought the same thoughts. Finally when we get to the Kingdom we will find out we where close but still wrong. Therefore, eternity needed to teach us His ways in a deeper way.
    Thanks for sharing your blog.


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