Denying the abundance available

I don’t know if that’s possible in America where popping pills is the new money making anecdote and the rise of psychiatric hospital exams indicate that many people feel vulnerable to someone else in authority, to tell them who they really are.  Nobody stable was able to shower them with love and acceptance from a heavenly perspective when their little minds were forming dogma about themselves. That dogma gets reiterated through the very adults who blame them for distraction in their own lives, all the while making religion the tight rope of sanctification. My belief is that most today are the walking wounded. I relate emotional ineptness to being the crux of why the masses are spiritually dead and deprived of hope, sitting in their living rooms watching “The walking dead”.  Numbing out and sticking ones head in the sand of denial is hardly abundant living, but it is easier than looking at what has died within us. Some were rejected at conception, others at birth, and then the rest, shortly after our existence in this world while still toddlers. Make no mistake, evil has always tried to disprove the love and kindness of God by suggesting that he leaves his kids out to dry. The serpent questioned Adam and Eve with confusion when he asked, “are you sure that’s what God said”? God has been the blame for every wayward behavior since, and now His children are walking around feeling conflicted in their souls because they don’t know He is for them, not against them.
Suicide, homosexuality, addiction, psychological disturbances, birth defects and anything that could stir disturbance in our faith and have us question God, “are you sure you made me this way”, is how the gospel gets tainted with ideologies which make God both good and bad. I believe the enemy hopes to cause children to self destruct by the time they hit adulthood.  I have teams of doctors tell me that I should be rocking myself in the fetal position in a corner rather than being the overcomer I am today. I know that it is because my Daddy in heaven doesn’t make trash. He didn’t give me any of that confusion, nor did he abandon me when I believed He did. Through my relationship with Jesus I slowly found out who I was created to be, an accepted daughter who was wanted and loved. That is the message I hope to bring to those who are conflicted over their worth and purpose for being on this earth. I pray I have a chance to encircle them with declarations and that the power of truth breaks off the lies of the enemy who holds them in mental bondage because once the mind is set free, the joy manifests that they are free indeed.  I can share in the abundant life that is available to us all.

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