Left hand, left behind lies

Draw a line down the paper and write from the younger side on the left with the left hand.

Being left behind.

  • Being insignificant.
  • I don’t have what it takes to compete so I give up.
  • I’m not ok, I’m leaking.
  • Visit the inner child.
  • Speak to her as the adult.
  • Make it ok.
  • We can’t change it.
  • My healing is mandatory.
  • Nothing happens in my life without me.
  • Return to pain.
  • Destroying my favorite things.
  • I hate myself.
  • I feel fed up.
  • It discredits me if I appear to be a loser christian like all those I have judged.
  • Address the emotion in the moment to tame it.
  • Hand it over to Jesus.
  • In the midst of him touching me and instead of screaming no.
  • I have to help him understand as my partner.
  • Feel the pain and name it.
  • Balance comes from not denying what festers.
  • Don’t shove it because I will I overflow like a volcano.
  • It has less to do with the person in front of you but more with the person inside of you.
  • When I tend to me, I am less agitated.
  • Slow down when I eat.
  • Feel my chewing.
  • Take my time to recognize I’m alive and was never the problem.
  • I can channel joy and peace for myself.
  • I’m not trapped.

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