Rogue at work

I have always quit my jobs or been fired from them unless it was an enterprise that I started or managed.  Maybe I’m a power junkie and need to utilize my decision making for big purposes because the mundane, routine operations of waitressing bore me and make me feel constricted.  I know it’s easy to place an order in the computer after asking people what they want to eat, and maybe that is the point right now at this stage in the game of my life.  But it no longer fits with optimizing my potential, tapping into the natural gifts of writing, counseling and dancing that have been ingrained in me since birth.  I get it, the night life that surrounds being a server can equate to a social gathering that gets me out of the house because otherwise I would hibernate and journal and read, but it is murderous on an eating and sleeping schedule.  With all of that said, why wouldn’t I go rogue at work and pray for people at my tables if I know my time is short in the restaurant industry?  If I know I am called to healing evangelism than it makes sense for me to step out in faith and do it even if it draws attention at the workplace.  The cost of gaining glory in heaven is worth the risk of seeming foolish by my employer.


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