Unashamed of my abortion

The many facets of my life can be collected in a storybook of healing. I have listened to countless stories from many people in their brokenness but the underlying message is one of shame and guilt. It is because I share my weaknesses like the Apostle Paul that I am unashamed of my abortion many years ago before I knew the Lord. In my turmoil of self hatred and judgment from others who labeled my sin, Daddy God rescued my anguish and told me to name my child. Seems like He is in the business of spreading His forgiveness, love and understanding better than the activists who demand justice in His name. This video is not only my story, but the testimony of many. https://www.facebook.com/angie.andrews.16/videos/10155677838451360/

One thought on “Unashamed of my abortion

  1. I have been involved in many situations like this, and what I have to offer is this: Revelation describes those that suffer through this period as “blameless” because they are cut off from the prescience of the Father. They do not understand the full consequences of their actions, and so must simply do the best that they can.

    To bring a child into the world under conditions in which it will face regret and rejection is far more damaging to its soul than it is to make it wait for another opportunity. And that is what God cares about: the condition of our souls.

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