Spoken words of Success

I don’t want to rationalize my circumstances in the same ways that the world does.  I don’t believe the focus should be on the the bad thing causing us to see God in it, but rather it should be a focus of expecting Daddy to redeem Himself in the qualities that best describe Him: love, protection and mercy.  If I justify every problem as being necessary for my ability to see His good then I miss out on the times He reveals Himself through His nature.

I can see His good in everything but I wasn’t called to focus on the bad things that brought me closer to Him, that would create a mindset of oppression and lack, believing the lie that growth only happens through struggle.  If I re-tell the details of crisis instead of how God manifests, then I am giving the enemy too much credit.  Nothing is better than rejoicing in a Big Daddy who showered His love into my life simply because I talked with and questioned Him.  When He told me that I believed the mantras I told myself, I broke agreement with the word “can’t” and equipped my spirit with the choice to draw boundaries by replacing it with “don’t”.  The two letter word “NO” became my best friend when I was uncertain of temptation or confusion and before I knew it I had begun to trust in my choices for self-advocacy through a spoken word.

His voice is louder than the strangers voice and will always lead us into revelation of who He wants to be for us.  There is no lack in heaven to give from your Fathers hand, and our belief and words can align with the success over our lives that is available.  Don’t worry, there is no wall, lie or lack that can stop Daddy from making an abundant life possible to His kids.

Even in worship we realize your nature is to see us succeed.

2 thoughts on “Spoken words of Success

  1. I’m curious as to context. In some situations, “can’t” means “I want too, but if I do bad things will follow.” “Don’t” always connotes personal choice – a statement about our character and the assertion of our will over material pressures. That leaves space for “I do” as guided by the realization of divine love for self and others.

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