Sex trafficking in my backyard

About 3 months ago the Atlanta Airport had a shutdown.  No flights were able to leave or arrive because of the so-called “Black-out”, which negated flyers from reaching their destinations.  Could it have been legit?  Maybe, but I seriously doubt it since the predictions of child trafficking running through their airport has become the first in the United States.  Shady activity like that should give everyone a scare but too many people carry on with their days oblivious to the culture of child abuse and selling of humans, right underneath their noses.  This clip is a snippet of reality caught on tape, a lifestyle many men partake in while they are overseas because it is legal.  Forget about the moral standard of having a wife and family back in the states, this footage reveals the common practice of partaking in sensuality and sin just because it is legal on foreign soil.  Give it five years and America will be brazen enough to allow the same activity.


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