See me for myself

First of all Lord I’m sorry that I have believed I can heal another human.

Look deep within my soul and cleanse me from undue responsibility.

I’m sorry that I’ve believed I could do a better job than You at ministering to a loved ones brokenness.

I’m so sorry for seeking love from people first instead of getting stabilized in you.

I’m sorry for being conditional in my love toward those closest to me.

I wish I could love as You do, without expectation, without a need for a response.

How much more healing do I really need, can You forgive my arrogance that tells me my behavior is better than the next guy?

Will you ever be able to restore my child likeness, my innocence?

Will you meet me halfway and grow me up so I can encounter true love with another while on this earth?

And if I’m not called to marriage, give me the excitement to be Your bride alone.

I’m sorry for overstepping my bounds and playing God.

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