Acne be gone

I don’t know why I am moved to pray for the down and out, the rejected, or the socially depraved, accept that for most of my life I have been labeled one.  I guess praying for someone’s acne is taboo, but what the hell do I care?  I am not in the business of praying from heaven for the sake of bragging rights.  I fundamentally want people to be set free and healed; physically, mentally and spiritually.  I don’t have much patience for the politically correct Christian because they would never venture into looking like a fool for Christ and they always throw shade when I do something powerful, but I don;t know how else to be.  Why not pray for acne to leave and risk getting kicked out of a nasty Wal-Mart?  Since when has Wal-Mart ever brought prosperity among its people?  I answer to a higher authority and wont back down to a mall cop.

One thought on “Acne be gone

  1. Good for you! My daughter has dealt with severe acne and I pray for her healing all the time, as do many folks who are close to her in our faith community. If we can’t go to God with the small stuff, then we are not recieving all of the love the Lord wants to give us! ❤

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