Murder gene is bound to emerge

Since man does not trust God, and since the church has persuaded the world that God is the source of all their pain, we have a society seeking self-rule, freedom from the imagined tyranny of God.  The message of judgment and wrath has embittered the world against God, giving opportunity for man to create a world after his own image, whatever he believes is important while being right becomes paramount.

With everyone fighting for their opinions to be passed as law, nobody considers the slight suggestion of freedom being revoked.  Seat belt dings go off in every car to
“protect” the driver from himself because ultimately he shouldn’t be trusted to make his own decision.  Guns need to be confiscated because of the rising crime that is promoted on our national media headlines, invoking fear based control to further restrict rights until the citizens who operate guns appropriately, no longer own them.

Yet, America continues to become the land where anything and everything that truly hurts our soul will be allowed as long as you follow the rules that regulate your health insurance, purchasing power, social media status and food sources.  I sense the next suggestion will be that humans are born with a murder gene.  Yet still, God longs for the hearts of His people to see Him in everything and not bow to a lesser system.

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