Emotional Octopus tentacles

After preparing my own octopus dish and relating it to my love life, I gained a deeper revelation about the ways I have been suckered into entangling relationships because I hadn’t taken time to be alone first.  I can handle a lot of physical pain because I have had to live with it most of my life, the real kicker is emotional strife.  I do not bounce back quickly from heartache and it has shown up in all circles of my relationships.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a co-worker, friend, sister, parent or stranger, chances are that I have worn my feelings on my sleeve and been hurt by someone because of MY own interpretation of their behavior.  Now it has taken me a long time to realize that I require down time to re-group and gather my emotions before leaving the front door, sometimes that entails a lot of crying and praying.  But it has become a form of self-care that is necessary for me to practice if I want to get stronger in the area of emotional weakness.  For many of us that requires that we cut the tentacles connected to past relationships through unhealthy emotions, but it will have to be a choice.


10 thoughts on “Emotional Octopus tentacles

  1. As I ramp up my hypnotherapy practice, Angie, I have people asking me a related question: “How do you keep people’s stuff from getting into your heart and dragging you down?” The short answer is: “I’m not letting people in. I’m letting God out.”


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      1. The value added from hypnotherapy is to facilitate the release of the stored emotion. I am certified in pain management and another technique that is exceptionally effective for emotional release..

        looking for ward to getting contact details via e-mail.

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