Repression requires spiritual eyes

Past events that are too painful to comprehend create coping skills such as distortions, rationalizations, suppression or denial of feelings that often are misunderstood. Our brains are able to block out memories so our conscious can displace the shock or pain of events, especially trauma.  Often we cannot remember, creating a memory block of years which inhibits our childhood development.  Even though these memories cannot be accessed they are stored away, still altering and limiting our choices and behavior today.  It is in these instances where addressing demonic attachment takes psychology to the foundational level where the greatest hold to suffering exists.  Demonic strongholds are invited to oppress us through the tragedies we live through, making deliverance a key that unlocks the prison of emotional angst that stunts our walk with Christ.

Without our permission, repressed memories dictate a reaction to the traumatic events of our past and steal our ability to adapt to reality in the present.  Science has confirmed that we are spiritually inclined to hold repressed memory on the cellular level which greatly explains why victims of abuse remember their past later in life. They often have physical symptoms which are really psycho-somatic ailments that although painful, can prove that the inner child is ready to face childhood repression because even the body is demanding healing.  If we help believers appropriate the fullness of deliverance which aides in healing, we would not stop with salvation being the anecdote to life’s pains.  Repression is a perfect example of the natural awareness our brain and bodies use to protect us from further trauma, almost like walking through life on auto pilot.  Demons hide in this scenario often because the spiritual discernment needed to dismantle it will not be discussed in most psychological arenas.

Spiritually Speaking:

We truly cannot hear, see, feel or otherwise perceive what evil obstruction inhibits our healing even though it may be readily apparent to others.  Ironically, because our entire lives are wrapped up in dysfunction which allows demonization to take hold, we can fail to notice its presence.  Therefore coping with the presence of demons enable us to protect ourselves from emotions we believed were hard to handle.  The demon becomes a guard to feeling, friend during triggers and an obstacle to true change, all while denying its own existence.  Many times the person emotionally suffering believes it is just another symptom of his own failed attempts at recovery or application of faith.  Should we address shame, most patients being treated for disorders simply believe they are defined by what addiction, sickness or hang-up ails them.  That is always an indicator that spiritual evil persuades the thoughts, remedies and cyclical attempts through traditional medicine or philosophies that are ignorant of spiritual assignments set forth in the persons traumatic childhood event.

Hence, the churches who can’t get rid of demons simply blame other denominations as sensationally looking for evil under every rock.  I simply follow the scripture that speaks of knowing who your adversary is and that the kingdom of darkness is relentless to destroy children emotionally before they reach adulthood.  I believe deliverance is part of heaven meeting us on earth to live supernaturally free from feelings that were afflicted through sin, especially somebody else’s against our psyche.  It has been my personal experience that once my repressed memories surfaced, I sought greater relief from the shame of them and found deliverance to be the answer that fully executed the rest of my walk doing inner healing work.


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