bye bye bikini’s

I hope the chics who want to both lift weights and climb the corporate ladder chill out just a bit and seek some peace before describing all females as feminists.  Why so strong, so gruff and in-your-face about being equivalent to a man?  It was a necessary step in wave one of feminism to declare maternity leave and equal pay, but three waves later when the Miss America pageant wants to change history because the bark of feminists is getting louder, I think the goal of re-defining bikini coverage is comical.  Thanks to you we have to pay for our own dinners, exhaust our schedules with dual roles at meetings that jockey for position, send our kids off to be raised by daycare and open our own doors.  Dang it girls, your plan has backfired for those of us who want to be courted. I don’t think like you, I don’t want to be like you and I will never lower my female qualities to be judged as “less than”.  Why?  Because I want to be pursued by the warrior BRAVEHEART type. I know I can complement his instinctive valor to fight for me as I offer a loving tender touch of understanding.  In my female-ness, I can champion my looks and brain cells just as well as a contestant in a beauty pageant without having to change history.


I am fully equipped to be mentally strong in a mans absence but I hardly carry the stamina that a guy can between his shoulder blades.  I am not subjecting myself to weakness because I admit to being emotional, I have a hormonal cycle that naturally influences my drive, sensitivity and kicks in my gentleness that is necessary for re-calibration once a month.  I trust that my creator fashioned me that way so I could birth new life into this world for even deeper understanding of the feminine side of God.  Women living in a man’s world can get along fine cultivating their femininity if they embrace it and stop chasing masculine authority.  To be content with who we are would allow confidence to radiate through competitions among females just as gladiators in history proved a winner among their men.  To be so offended and change rules from traditional same-sex competition only negates identity of both sexes.

I can see that pageant life wants to make women more neutral and less focused as sexual objects, but putting a skirt around them isn’t going to shift the eyes of men to lock eye contact.  In the day and age where porn surfing is common place, standing up for moral code through mandated modesty hardly seems like a direct method of combat.  This just de-femisizes us for the sake of growing viewers on television as everyone watching it from home has a fall back plan for seeing skin as they flip through the channels.  Women fuel the responses to other women anyway, so if the majority think we should be noticed for our brains and good looks, can you imagine the confusion we have when a friend gets jealous of our intellect?  No matter how you dice it, we aren’t created equal and we shouldn’t have to make up new rules because the loudest voices are heard.  Can you imagine if the judges for all pageants were full of a female panel?  Feminism would  define the least likely candidate as the winner just to prove that the one who is an obvious choice would have had better luck holding up the traditions of pageantry if they competed ten years ago.


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