Living me

Most people are annoyed in life because they never meet their goals. I need to meet my goals. I have accomplished much but still have bigger dreams to attain. Th saying goes, “Commit yourself to the how and the way will come”. I really don’t know what I can’t do. I’ll try anything once and those things that pique my curiosity will get a second glance. The only option is to work the problems out anyhow, regardless if is tough.

Someone’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality. Look at the one who opposes you for who he is and stretch your belief in him. His reaction gives insight to the best way of communication to settle the storm. Call out the inner man, the person of worth who is being hidden by his emotions, because as you forgive you move forward In your purpose.

I’m not satisfied at where I am. There has to be more. What resonates with you? You have something special. You carry an anointing that is beyond greatness that you have not tapped into yet. Common sense isn’t common practice. Think about your goals and get past your mind. Find your heart. I am not who I once was. One day I’m going to provide for the well being of others who need advocacy. I’m going to leave my mark on the world. I’m going to be remembered for not only owning my mistakes but changing my perspective of them. It’s not what I leave for others but what I impart to them. Life doesn’t hurt as bad as it did yesterday, it’s amazing at how great a hardship can become. To gain perspective from the mountaintop after climbing it makes for a powerful testimony.

Speaking and writing is a projection of who I will become. I was predicted to be a nobody but I stand before you now knowing that I am an overcomer. I know I need help, I know I need to change. I seek my inner healing like nobody else on this earth because I’m not content with who I am today. I’m thankful to those who have seen in me what I never believed I could be. When I didn’t have the ability to believe it was possible for me to accomplish my dreams, others championed me. I have only seen what I lacked but it didn’t matter to those who have loved me and saw me as who I was, great, special, set apart and strong enough to pick myself up and carry on.

What greatness that I brought in the past needs to be tapped into today. I refuse to die an unlived life. I will conquer the odds and meet the end result failure after failure. I can’t afford to stop now after the abuse and rejection I have endured. I have to keep going. It doesn’t matter what others believe me to be. It matters the standard on who I claim to be. My biggest challenge is humbly facing when I have wronged another. I have taken hits and my heart broke and I fell stagnant. Then I settled. I let those in who would use me and devalue me and then I believed the lies that told me I was a “has been”. But faith arose. Jesus pulled on my heart strings and called me back to the front lines. I still have it. I’m going to get it back. I’m back in the game. I thank those for coming against me because it rekindled the fight, the drive, the passion and hope to feed my further growth. I’m going to make my moves before I’m ready. The strategies that are apparent need to be tested. I don’t necessarily feel ready, but low risk living doesn’t work for me anymore. I need to be joyful. I need to chase what intimidates me first. I can no longer use the fear of failure to drive me, it must be the love of seeing others succeed that moves me.

The measure of a man or woman is in her ability to attract those who raise the bar to living an exceptional life. Hang with those who feel your vibe and walk in tandem with you. Do they elevate your psyche? I have been the one to dampen others and that doesn’t fit anymore, it’s a reminder to encourage or don’t speak at all. If we can’t help each other it is time to cut ties and grow. Grow greater. Press on. Keep learning from what I still long for and pursue it. Go, go, go and never stop. Move on and be that person who follows through and runs past that obstacles of the naysayers. I can do it and so can you. Surround yourself with those who feed your mind and spirit and stop wasting time with others who can’t recognize that you think differently. Don’t quit. Keep your blinders on and focus on the better points of yourself and impart them to others who can receive. Those who can’t receive pass by. Keep progressing in the face of opposition and stop waiting for perfect circumstances, and make them. Expect to overcome. Expect to win. Expect to leave your mark on this world. Walk further, go the distance, go where others will not go and seek it, pray and envision it.

Don’t be casual about yourself and your walk. Be intentional. Who are you? What are your standards? Raise the bar and set the standard high. Leave an impression that has others wanting what you have. Try time and time again because you can take responsibility for your future. Be different than the norm. Living a dream is hard. Losing my innocence, losing my health, losing my family, home, husband and business was hard. It was really hard. I died deeply. But I have awoke. I am re-born. It is not my time to die yet. God took me from my biological mother and placed me in the heart of many adoptive mothers. I am learning to give back and stop being a taker, to heed the advice of the wise who have led me. I don’t need rescuing because my heart is always transforming into new levels of love for myself.

I’m scared but I’m more afraid of succumbing to denial and complacency. I’m going to need the help of others to speak into my spirit to encourage my comeback. I need to tap into that something special within me. I need help from my fellow man because I want to remain strong. I request help to believe in myself, not to lighten the load and place it in another’s shoulders. Fight is worth it.

What will make it worth it for me, for you? I need to find my voice again and tell others who I am. I am developing my inner peace and practice my healing lifestyle, I pursue God as my lifeline. I don’t have the worldly credentials but I have the guts. I have the ability to keep knocking on closed doors, I know better than to believe in the paradigm of someone else’s lack. I need more. There is always more. More Lord. I need my destiny in heaven to meet earth. When I glide right through those pearly gates with ease I’ll be reminded of all I fought for, opportunities that eluded me, that laughed in my face and I can finally rest.

There has been none before me and will never be another behind me. I am here to make a change, to be the change, to be the fight for my own soul and oppose whatever comes against me. It is time to become the best version of myself.

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