Indecent Proposals

Success is hardly defined as having money, I can make my own money, its successful love that I need. If I should meet a special someone one day I suspect I will love him with all my heart and pursue life as a couplehood from that moment forward. I’ve decided, it’s ok to date with the prospective of a life partner, and to rate his compatibility for the long haul after the first few interactions. If he can withstand temptation and help me hold that same standard, a future indecent proposal may not shake our foundation.

I was head over heels in love with my X, and didn’t even look in the direction of another man. We had a love life very similar to the characters in “Indecent Proposal” with Demi Moore and Woody Harelson, because love and dreams were paramount to the bond of our relationship. I had no need to worry about him having eyes for another and trusted his affection.

I did not however, have an older, wiser millionaire swoop in during our desperation to pay bills and offer me money to wipe away our debt. I wonder if I would have taken a bite out of the forbidden apple to spend the night with a rich, intriguing stranger during the height of our love?

My imagination can grasp a bailout from financial stress by getting one evening out of the way and returning to my routine of life, but I know better. I have never been the cheating type. I had two dates scheduled in one weekend and as Thursday night approached I confessed to both guys that I was “double booked” and canceled both outings. They each took it as a challenge and proposed that I could spend my time with each and then choose which I wanted a second date with. That was so overwhelming, that I never spoke to either one again.

Now neither was a Robert Redford prototype but they were handsome, earned good money and valued Christian mindsets, but the passion was never there. When my X entered my life our chemistry was electric and we spent every day together from the moment we met. I was watching this movie and drawn into every kiss and embrace, reminiscing my fondest of memories. I wanted to steal back those times where gravity didn’t exist and I believed I would never land because I had fallen so hard for another.


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