Stories nobody believes I’ve lived

Settling on Southern Soil, my snippet of stories that nobody believes I’ve lived.

These are true accounts my friends, nothing fabricated or watered down because I poke fun at Christians and activists who believe strongly in their “cause”, but don’t support their server with a tip when they go out to eat.

Waiting tables for the past three years in the South has become my everyday practice of my podcast that I pitch with my live audience at tables, until I get reprimanded by my bosses because I’m making too many friends on the job.

I should have been an actress, even my name is catchy, but because I haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up yet, I share stories about the ridiculous circumstances I have lived through with a mini-recorder in hand, or now I just use my iPhone.  I don’t have a huge a captive audience but I'”ll talk anyone’s ear off if they lend it to me.  I outwardly seek information and opinions for the sake of interviewing strangers that may offer me insight on a new subject, although I caution them of my sarcastic ability to highlight an obvious point they have failed to make.  I believe that my English professor telling me I was the worst writer he had ever met did me a favor when I was in college, because I switched majors to behavioral and dance therapy, studied mean people like him and my family for 20 years and now I have returned to writing short stories. sarcastic memes and jokes for the entertainment of others, all while waiting tables.  People look at my life and secretly want it but it’s easier for them to throw shade and make fun of what they don’t understand.  I mention demons and they cringe but spiritual darkness seems okay in the form of a t.v. show titled, “The Walking Dead”?  That’s why my pursuit of unveiling spiritual truths in relationships, movies, behavior and systems at large offend others, because I have done it since I was a kid and will continue to do it through life whether I’m counseling or serving to fund my projects of creative expression and authenticity.


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In everything I do, I hope to challenge others to think deeply on a matter outside of their boxes.  I’d love to explain why there is so much contradiction in the world to those who cause it, but that would take a miracle because they view “others” as the problem.  Now I walk away from reasoning with people’s demons and talk about it after I have left the room.  It brings me great solace to know that I can write, speak and share about it without having to persuade another to think like me.  Expression is important to me and this opportunity has lit a fire under my seat to start a successful podcast that could equip people to make fun of themselves and laugh at their problems.  God knows I have to laugh at some of the crap I have endured, but poking fun at my life allows me to beat haters from getting to my punchline before they do.



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