A Greater Venture

Obviously this manager was determined to get me out of his establishment, and he did a great job.  His antics were nothing less than threatening and juvenile at best.  I felt completely degraded.  When I left I knew that nothing would appease him in the future if I stayed and I no longer felt safe.  Because I respect myself too much to be treated that way, I simply found a better restaurant to work at where employees are treated with kindness, respect and valued.

True success is working from a positive perspective and building up the staff.  I guess when employees know they aren’t valued they get on their phones throughout the shift and walk over to the convenience mart to buy liquor shots all while being afraid of losing a gig that gives them leeway even if they are puppets on a string.

I guess since he increased revenue he assumes his authority is solidified and therefore needs to maintain his idea of improving the business, but money is money.  Big deal, anyone can make money, but do they enrich the environment, edify others and maintain healthy boundaries?  I carry that spirit of Joseph in the The Torah and the owners of this Pub are jewish, fully aware of the anointing such a patriarch carries.  I know that I stirred up jealousy in this other manager because I have a call on my life to prosper everyone around me and he doesn’t.  So I’ll walk and let him run his show because I will carry the torch of love and honor to the next restaurant I am sent to because I ultimately know that it is a stepping stone to a greater venture.



2 thoughts on “A Greater Venture

  1. I too have left a job just over 5 years ago. I refused to take any more crap and could see what was coming. Not selling my soul to a job. I’ve always been taken care of, even if I couldn’t understand how at that time. Amen to you!

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