WAFFLEHOUSE & Wild Encounters

“Please don’t air out all of my personal relationship rifts in front of all these people”, was all I could think when the Pastor acknowledged my single-hood from the pulpit.  I thought for sure that my deepest, darkest sins were going to be put on blast before a group of strangers and let’s face it, I don’t need anymore judgment.  But the word of knowledge was comforting and confirming that my previous break-ups had to happen because they were not God’s best for me. The craziest thing about that “word of knowledge” was that a cook at the Wafflehouse following the service, spoke the same revelation over me.  I could not contain the excitement of Daddy God using the “un-churched” man to point out the things of heaven over me. I’d trust any man of God, any day, exercising his prophetic anointing to affirm truth if I see Jesus in His life.  And that is what this whole encounter was about, seeing a brother outside of the four walls confined to fellowship, and our ability to hear God’s voice and share it for the edification of souls who have suffered because they love another who is suffering.


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