Mental stimulation surpasses sex

Last time I checked a guy out with a glance over, was last weekend.  He had the physical attributes that I found appealing and seemed nice enough.  The key words are, “nice enough”, because the description screams apathy, and is indeed applicable here.  As soon as I gazed upon him for 5 seconds I quickly snapped myself out of superficial responses and asked him what he wanted to drink.  First off, he was in the bar I work at and had a reputation for “lovin up on all the beautiful ladies”, and I will never be among a group of women.  I will be “the one” or not at all and he doesn’t even have it in him to walk in tandem with me.  Why?  Because he is mentally dead, spiritually inept and void of understanding spiritual matters.  I’m not being mean, I’m just saying that he doesn’t want to know his creator on a deep level, nor himself and much less me aside from maybe getting into my pants.  I simply can’t tolerate such barbaric antics in this stage of my life.  So my natural reaction to his slipping me his number was to return it to him and politely say, “no thank you”.  When he inquired if I had a boyfriend I told him the truth, no, and retrieved his drink.  I guess he took that as a challenge because he then asked why I would not want to have a romantic dinner with him?  I spouted off what first came to my head, “because you could not romance me, I require deep connection and intimacy”.  He grinned, assured that he could fulfill any fantasy, and I simply responded, “you haven’t mentally stimulated me yet, what convinces me that you will one day”?  Nothing above the topical.


One thought on “Mental stimulation surpasses sex

  1. What do you think it means, (spiritually and/or psychologically) when someone is never jealous over anything? How about someone jealous of everything?

    That sounds totally true about the reserved, “biting their tongue” types, being abuse waiting to happen. I don’t bite my tongue enough.

    yes, watch out for the chick in the next cubicle

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