Congressional Crap

In reality the donkey and the elephant are friends. Obamas kids and Trumps kids get special treatment and opportunity that normal kids never will. I worked in D.C. for three years and witnessed democrats and republicans trade suitcases with stashes of cash just so they could buy a vote through a lobbyist with a mistress on their arm smoking a stogie and sipping on cognac. Our government isn’t for the people, when has it ever been?

It has always been a method to helping conglomerates pad their pockets for political gain while having their cronies kill someone off and hide it through some false initiative. Bottom line is that hating someone won’t change anything. Complaints make those saying them sound remedial and ignorant. None of us should wait for any positive change coming from a government who gives free handouts and supports secrecy of sex trafficking, slum lording, opiate smuggling, marijuana scapegoating or anything else that has the potential to enslave any of its own people when other countries grill us just to make it across their borders.

If we the people stopped bickering and actually made small changes within our homes first and then our neighborhoods, we would have enough problems to rectify and hardly find time to watch lies through a boob tube that wants us to believe its propaganda. Stand tall, stand proud of yourself first because you are only responsible for you. Trump like Obama is responsible for themselves and so is all of congress. Stand for what you believe instead of having to speak it. Representation is the best witness we have and humility goes a long way, so does honor. We can all rest assured that no one person is going to change the map because it hasn’t been done yet. It takes a movement, it takes passion and it takes love. Government wasn’t designed to have a clue about those things.

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