Tipped from Heaven

I had a wonderful morning meeting people at work and asking them where they were from. I spoke with some locals and found out they were familiar with Global School of Supernatural ministry where I went in 2012. Then I forgot to grat a large party who happened to not leave a tip. I settled the shock quickly but was still pondering if tipping had been an oversight, or intentionally forgotten. The confusion heightened when shift change emerged and whispers grew about my subsequent emotions that followed as I was trying to check out my last tables and politely wipe my tears. However, the strongest motivator that provoked my feelings was not the disappointment in people, but the deep connections that I had cultivated with others during my shift.

A woman at one of my tables mentioned that her son couldn’t be with them because he was in rehab and that opiates took the past 12 years of his life from him, causing this family gathering to be heavy as time continues to tick by. I took her hand and prayed over her for her son, as I lost my brother to a heroin overdose, lost my recent past relationship to opiate abuse and work in education where most of my students will be introduced to pain killers after the effects of Aderol and Concerta have predisposed them to addiction. This is a heartfelt topic in which I could relate all too well. When I prayed for her, we both cried, as I was already a little shaken after having three burgers get sent back because of temp issues, but I gathered myself enough to finish my tasks before exiting the restaurant. Putting setbacks behind me and trusting that God always takes care of me, I punched out.

As I walked out of work and headed toward my car the locals I had met previously came back and stopped me. They said, “God told us to give you this check”. When I saw the tears in their eyes I just let all of mine start streaming because I had so much emotion brewing inside of me. He was a fellow pastor and I didn’t even realize all this time living in Savannah that there was a spirit filled church around. My eyes have been opened to so much this week, with my friend Brandon and his girlfriend suffering, it didn’t seem right to share this story but then I remembered that Daddy always takes care of His kids in ways that we cannot imagine. He is aware of every need, every tear, every passing year of holding onto hope when a loved one is addicted, injured, hurting or facing persecution and misunderstanding. He is willing and able to comfort us in our time of question and need, and this day is a day that will always be remembered. I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have received by serving the public, literally. I could not have written this story any better.

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