Celebrities and congress and deviancy.

What can I say? I’m not at all shocked at the nature of tabloids or the ignorance of neanderthals who put stock in the governments principals to set a standard. Why people partake in such ridiculous propaganda is beyond me but I suppose it is a lack of hope in ones immediate relationships. After all, if we had healthy and sound connections with our partners and families we would not look outside of them for depth and meaning. I find it curious however, that many need to point fingers at celebrities and congress for failing them when their own choices and sexual deviancy have failed them long beforehand. What a crock, to blame someone with power for oppressing an innocent victim while all along behind closed doors many shame and abuse their own children. That is the reason why sexual deviancy abounds, someone touched a child and that child touched another child who grew up fragmented and shamed and confused about his/her identity. But we can’t really address that on social media because it offends those who want to live in secrecy and hide their fetishes, lusts, longings and perversions. Please, it’s all the same people. You either hold regard for other or you don’t, simple. If you don’t your behavior will one day catch up with you and expose the darkness you have always been in bondage to. I don’t feel sorry for such abusers who have caused such an atrocity among the public.

11 thoughts on “Celebrities and congress and deviancy.

  1. Well cab we address it realistically? So,, porn is bad, but sex is bad also? You are extremely smart and wise, but yet you think it is healthy to ignore and suppress one of the most, if not the most inherent needs of mankind?

    I’m not talking about sexual harassment and predators like the kenedys – sexual predators can go to hell, but normal human beings by nature have desires and needs.

    Do we all pretend that we have no desire, and be secretive and creepy about it until we end up with a mega-church and caught in a sleazy motel room with a male prostitute?

    How many millions of lost souls might have been saved by religion if Christianity didn’t have such a obsession against sex? or, forgive us a little porn at least, good grief.


    1. This is saddening as I felt you and I had made a personal connection but then you came against me so vehemently with commentary. I do not pretend to have all the answers but even if I disagreed with you, which I do on almost all of your views, I still understand where they come from.

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      1. You are highly, perhaps even supernaturally sensitive? This Medium is insufficient. We are two ships, in this bullshit, insane space, in this fast, fast, fast acropolis of forces and lights. I see you next to me LOOOKKKKKKK


      2. I meant vast, not fast. I should shut up and go to bed now. In the universe you are just to my right, physically to my right ( fuck politics) and you are so good. so good. I’m in the light space – here right next to you, right on your left. I’m not being sarcastic or underhanded or political commercial) .. just saying what I see, being ‘atrol’? have no clue, is where I go when I get real.


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