Healing for miracle dog

I had to pinch myself this morning when I woke up and wrote down my night dream because I realized the impossible had taken place in the natural and that is was confirmed as I slept.  My dog was physically healed through my dream, a request that I had put before The Lord more than 100 times between now and the the beginning of this year,2017.  Rosh Hashanah began today and I was most curious as to how I could celebrate it as a Gentile.  I am aware of the significant New Year because I had many clients who were Jewish but I wanted to own it as my own celebration because I’m down with Jesus.  So when I woke up this morning realizing that my dog Nestle had been healed from a serious case of hacking, I put two and two together that my dream prophesied the intention of Daddy in heaven.   What problems began for me in the beginning of 2017, were now facing the Jewish New Year nine months later, and they were coming to an end.  I am always going to boast about what Daddy has done in my life because I expect the miraculous to follow me, why?  Because I am excited to do more things than Jesus did, like it states in John 14:12. We have a few more months left in 2017, but these Holy days in particular, I believe will set us up for the rest of our lives.

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