Laws of deception, attracting the wrong mate.

It is best described as a rubber band which gets held out and suspended for a long period of time.  With time the elasticity weakens and the shape cannot bounce back due to dry-rotting and cracking.  If left held out too long, the rubber band eventually snaps. What is left has to redefine itself another way.

I know this spirit of deception like the back of my hand because of dating someone who carried it.  It wasn’t his fault, he owned it honestly through addiction and abandonment from his earthly father, but the way it played out in his life hurt far more people than just himself. I’m convinced that satan puts most of our relationships on earth together with the intention of ruining as many lives as possible.  His success rate is so high at ending the relationships he starts, because the end result is a broken people blaming Daddy God for their loss of love.  If we told the truth, most of us never think about satan ruining our love lives, we believe God does.

All of our data is based on “what God didn’t do for us”.  If He was good than why do so many of us have sick children, financial distress, family strife and relationship rifts? Someone has to be the blame but unfortunately most are looking upward toward heaven when good things come to an end.  That’s what so cunning about the deceptive spirit, it masks its true identity so most people never pinpoint its definition or attributes.  It really is quite simple though, all we need is a little spiritual discernment to define it.

Relationships sabotaged by the spirit of deception have a heightened element of addiction or a pseudo life on one of the partners.  To define a partnership simply as chemistry make-up, commonality, and future goals would be a good place to start if you don’t believe in God, after all the world is looking for companionship, great sex and complacency on an upward ride toward easy street.  They fashion seminars after the “opposites attract” ideology. But what I’m going to reveal is that everything is spiritual first, and without that understanding, one will always attract a demonic spirit meant to sabotage all his or her goals, desires and dreams.  Why?  Because the Old Testament slings mud with law and accusation while the New Testament attributes freedom and love with Jesus coming to fulfill the law so we don’t have to through good behavior.  Of course, one has to believe the Bible is the written word of God through man.  If you can’t recognize that you have an original thought that amazes even yourself once in a while, than you will wrestle with God being able to trust you with a message, let alone a book of dead men who have already accomplished it.

Nevertheless, sarcasm doesn’t always fly so high so let me explain that the demonic hierarchy loves the law and does indeed hate you.  Demons and angels are real, doesn’t matter if you acknowledge them or not.  In fact if you don’t want to believe in a spiritual realm than knock yourself out, because you’re probably successful in one area of your life but lacking in all others. Deceit is how this world rolls and if you can’t accept that injustice abounds because of it, you will surely blame others for your response to pain. Pain comes from only one source, evil and to know God one has to be aware of the adversary, satan who wields evil with deception.

I’ll use my past relationship as an example so people wont get offended and want to start a march or join an activist group because their feelings have been hurt. Deception is a spirit hat lies to the host who carries it about his worth.  Often these people have pseudo lives and don’t believe others will really love them if they got to know who they really were.  The problem is that this demon doesn’t even allow them to know who they really are because it constantly focuses on hiding through the fear of being “found out”.  Daddy God doesn’t make trash, so He wouldn’t create a child with intention of not knowing him. Saying a person is not worthy of relationship in any way, negates why God created humans.  Therefore, deception tells the person that they are defective, hence lying to the host about his true identity so he is distant in all of his relationships, especially with God.

This demonic spirit was never explained very well to me when I went through deliverance and I can only assume it is because I was delivered of a 5-faced control spirit that doesn’t usually end up with a man carrying the spirit of deception. My drive to seek answers to my emotional problems through psychology and performance, created a fear of being lied to, the perfect assignment to usurp my authority through confusion and half-truths, hence coupling me with men who made me sleuth out details they hid.  I am a knower and a dreamer, which is why my struggle with self-trust was accentuated when I knew the truth from God, but was being manipulated through human reasoning.

The deceptive spirit is fully content with me doing all of the work as long as it can’t be detected as a user.  It’s very foundation is to take as much as it can for advancement without seeming selfish, yet capitalizes on victimization so others feel empathetic and act, jumping to it’s aide.  Unfortunately, one with deception will let everyone else help him so he doesn’t have to lift a finger.  It wasn’t until I was delivered that I tempered my need to fix others through striving in order to feel loved.  I lived 37 years of affliction from demonic control, so programmed behavior still entices me to make an honest man out of a person who offers potential.  Where I would have invested months or years before deliverance, today, familiar attributes help me end a relationship with someone who is vague in his whereabouts, intentions or relationship with Christ before I am exhausted. If I sense that I am responding to old triggers, it is much easier to dismantle control as a coping mechanism and obtain emotional healing instead.  Should both people be delivered upon meeting, I submit that many of the negative assignments meant to thwart a Godly relationship, would never come to pass.

I understand that demonic assignments are placed at a very young age through trauma or rejection in hopes of keeping people distant from Daddy God.  I long to see those I have loved come into the fullness of who they really are, I just realize now that I can’t do that in my own strength.  Without a person’s ability to be their own best advocate, deception plays a large part in lying to them about who they were never intended to be, untrustworthy and unworthy.

Deception looks for others to bail them out and to blame.  In order for the deceiver to get his agenda met, he will appease and be the “yes man”, up until his obligation is fulfilled. When questioned about his authenticity he will turn it against the other and successfully make her feel like she needs to go beyond owning her wrong.  The accusation is subtle because confusion works in tandem with deception to allow the liar to pull back and tend to his schemes as the partner questions her validity in both accusation and personal ownership.  Owning her faults becomes a trap that dislodges the motives of anyone looking to hide all the facts.

Deceptive spirits make us question our very memories because they fear being found out. What did the devil do in the garden of Eden?  He asked the humans, “are you sure that’s what God said?”  It is the same suggestion of doubt today.  When I had a sense that I was housing someone who wanted to play video games while snorting prescriptions and felt used because of it, I was met with counter talk like, “why would I be using you, do you think I would stick around in these circumstances if I were using you?”  The circumstances were asking for the truth to be told about whereabouts and how many pills were consumed, hardly a brutal living environment, but nonetheless, I still felt used and had a sinking feeling that the more I longed for change and improvement, the more of a wedge came between us.  Flipping it back on me caused me to question the validity of my boundaries and the hope of having a partner who wanted the same things in life as I did.

Deception lies to its host about being truly loved so he can’t risk “being vulnerable” out of fear of not being accepted.  The constant search for identity has him go along with others without full committment in his heart in case “it doesn’t work out”.   Typically, these partners are looking for another person to do the hard work of commitment while they do just enough to participate, often leaving their mate feeling emotionally depraved, lonely and self-condemning for making demands.  All of this allows the deceiver to get angry with others who pick up responsibilities because his process takes too long and bills get unpaid, addiction steals his time, companionship wanes and he longs for more isolation from the relationship.  Suddenly, “taking things out of his hands”, becomes a mantra that he projects on his loved one because his track record of dropping the ball was nothing he intended on changing in the first place. Once expectation was set for him to improve or move beyond complacency that afforded him a stagnant existence, his partner became the problem, and hiding his true intentions became paramount.

At anytime, anyone of us can partner with the deceptive spirit when we know we are presenting a face to others we don’t trust ourselves.  The 5 faces of control are easily triggered by the many faces deception uses to hide.  In my last relationship this was the perfect recipe for disaster because I wanted the stark reality even if it hurt, while he appeased me with half-truths that kept me from trusting him, myself or God. Should I have been linked up with the common spiritual strongman that control attracts, I could rule over a partner for years.  It is my opinion after living through this with every partner I’ve had, that syncing up with deception is far worse an assignment for a control survivor, than the typical counter spirits, due to its manipulation of truth.  It is best described as a rubber band which gets held out and suspended for a long period of time.  With time the elasticity weakens and the shape cannot bounce back due to dry-rotting and cracking.  If left held out too long, the rubber band eventually snaps.  What is left has to define itself another way because it cannot go back to what it once was. Both he and I were changed through our battle against deception and it left me lonely and lied to while fueling him to disconnect and redefine a sub-personality.  I decided that going back to anything prior would be futile anyway, so I sought out something better, life through my deliverance which I had lost sight of.

Partners and family can never pin point the in-road of deception because it is gradual and progressive just like all addictions and habits.  The pursuit of God alone can become more about someone else’s belief than his own, so he adheres to protocol for a while, but once it proves to not offer him gain or meet a personal agenda, he will latch onto the next cash cow, business partner, relocation or partner to start over and wind up in the same old pattern.  Change for someone with deception takes courage and intention, unfortunately the very things that satan lies to them about them having.

It is necessary to pray for the discernment of this spirit when meeting a potential partner who limits his emotions through self-preservation and allows you to be the focus of attention.  These initial attributes, while seemingly flattering, are only a deflection from his deep pain that keeps him unsure of his identity.  Finding a life partner is more than finding someone who looks good, has a job and likes sex.  Life doesn’t have to be hard but you don’t have to set yourself up for impossible just because the potential is there either.  Learn quick and cut the cord fast if a potential mate doesn’t want a spiritually sound life, it will spare you a lot of demonic influence and heartache.



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