What church doesn’t get about Jezebel

When I use my own story as an example of what Daddy has brought me through, it should be that story that others hear without being offended, after all it is my testimony, not something everyone has to agree with.  The depictions of the Jezebel spirit that I have heard preached from pulpits however, are indeed scary.  They are usually spoken of from an approach to deliverance that in my experience, is immature and without wisdom.  Now I talk this little snippet up in a comedic way on purpose, because such a heavy subject as delivering the Jezebel spirit needs to be tackled delicately.  So venture with me into this 7 minute video to help better understand why deliverance models currently in use at church, may not be the real deal.


3 thoughts on “What church doesn’t get about Jezebel

  1. The church is really under equipped for the deliverance ministry. It’s so sad because so many Christians need to be set free. The deliverance journey has not been easy for me but at least I am being set free. It makes me sad that many, many Christians are not receiving the help they need. Deliverance still seems to be a taboo topic. I like how you mention the 370 minions…that was/is so me!! Little imps everywhere, it’s so sickening. How did you find out in the end what your strong man was?

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      1. I don’t know if you will believe me, but the number 22 is a special number to me. This number has been showing up everywhere in my life since October 2015. I still not have received revelation as to what it means. I got goosebumps when I saw the number on your comment. WE GTA MEET, are you still coming over this month?


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