Don’t let me flatline

Process is synonymous with family. What God did for you becomes my prophecy. I can use your testimony to speak hope into my circumstance. Revelation without application leaves it in frustration. Apply it to your life. Practical way to birth a promise. Trust something different. You be you and I’ll be me and I’ll be me through you.  If you have faith that I want I’m going to surround myself with your family and invite myself to eat at your table. What you’re serving tastes rich and I want some. The disillusionment has fallen away and the flatline no longer remains. I want to share in a feast and celebrate the words of the past coming to life.
I’m so content with the way God has made me but I’m not satisfied.  I need more Lord, more of you.  I can’t settle for the mundane, I want to see the dead raised, and yes, I believe that I can have a relationship that honors the pursuit of you first, that sets aside our natural ambitions and that sees your Glory manifest in our dreams and visions.  Give me a family of believers, those who expect the supernatural.  I want wisdom and to grow daily.  There has to be more, don’t let me flatline, I want all that you have for me and if it means to remain single for the sake of Your Kingdom, so be it.  I am yours Daddy.

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