“TAMMY” & Blowing up some fireworks

Sarcasm has become my coping strategy here in the South as I have tried to make sense of the Bible Belt having the highest rate of addiction that I have ever witnessed. I’m wondering if Northern states just don’t have the cray cray of homeless addicts that the low country does, simply because it is on higher ground?  Why would any state want to curse itself with the slogan of low country is beyond me. I thought in life we were each responsible for raising the bar that we want to surpass, but somehow the deep mindsets of slavery have trickled into behaviors that scream denial and represent addiction.

The movie, “Tammy” is represented in this clip because I wanted to point out the getting obliterated from any substance is just that, it is not a vacation or a long hiatus from your troubles, it is indeed a furthering of problems that others need to deal with.

Hence we have the main character, Tammy, who is fed up with the lifetime events of drunken grandmother, who cannot deal with life. Need I point out that most addicts are life suckers, always finding people to take care of them but the first to betray those who want them to get sober.

I find this movie refreshing, because it depicts reality and therefore illuminates a lifestyle of codependency and addiction that many of us know. I sure as hell know it, but thank Daddy God that I cut the cords connected to it.

Take my opinions with a grain of salt, but after catering to drinks and pill poppers and all the plethora of lies that accompany their behavior, I am convinced that their lack of motivation can motivate me to never become a victim.  I could have chosen addiction to medicate my childhood pain, but instead I looked to the heavens from where true help comes from. I do t believe in AA or any system outside of Jesus, and I sure as hell thank Him for giving me the choice to choose life. It is within us all to change our life, some however choose the path easily traveled. I. O longer wish to cross paths with them because they have sucked me dry.  And I can see where I was hoping for them to choose themselves, but today, I choose life and life more abundant, so I will blow up some fireworks to celebrate my Liberty from all relationships that involve an addict of any kind.

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