Lack thereof parenting

Parenting is at all time low these days with numerous numbers complaining about the behavior of their wayward children. That is always the first sign that they are the problem as a role model. A child only mimics and repeats what he hears and takes in through his senses while in the presence of authority figures. If an adult governs that child with annoyance, judgment, disrespect or ignoring, they exemplify their own unmet needs from their childhood and will produce the same behavior with their own. Reasoning with such mindsets will not work, the challenge is with making up for the lack of love and acceptance in that childs life as an outsider. Teachers and coaches are underpaid with heightened expectancy to make up for lost time during developmental years in children simply because parenting has become a burden to so many emotionally challenged adults. Don’t blame the child entirely for bad behavior because often it is just a reflection of the chaos going on in his home.


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