How is it that the most remedial writing, the least profound statement or sentence, gets a hundred likes on social media?

It insults my intelligence, seriously.  The minute anything real or deep is posted, the masses suddenly fall off the bandwagon.

I’m told to go to writers conferences or get a degree in journalism just so I can be competitive with the new up and coming technological advances and the kids who have them. Why? They got nothing I want. I write because I love it and I think I’m articulate and get my point across superbly.  I read what else is out there but the internet has given many people a platform to share their point even if it is dead wrong.

This whole, “re-inventing the wheel” mentality is comical. Writing a blurb without any anointing has become the norm because I’m convinced people don’t want challenge. The comfortable factor is way too high today for people to speak their mind without the risk of offending another. Maybe that is the reason seeker-sensitive churches, bloggers, and businesses have a following?  In my opinion, that isn’t proof they are doing something right.

My general rule of thumb is to go against the grain and not do what everyone else is doing. After all, the new writers and speakers, preachers and life coaches are learning how to do it through technique or a webinar. Can’t anybody discern who has natural and raw talent, or are we all suppose to be clones who follow the masses into new ideas that are nothing more than regurgitated anthems from 20 years ago?

Dang, the reality of brainwashing and mainstreaming is really upon us. Are we suppose to take all the opiates and pills that pharma tells us too also?  Am I seriously surrounded by vaccinated children because a new outbreak is on the verge?  How is it that mysticism covering blatant self promotion and lies can be the norm? What am I in the twilight zone? Doesn’t anyone want to be authentic, to seek truth and discuss details in a mature conversation or is that telling people what they want to hear is paramount?

Get serious people, if you have a passion and talent, you don’t need a degree to be successful in it.  Since when did thinking become a competition?  I’ve got brainiacs at work who swear science gives account to every thing under the sun, accept that they don’t know the Son of God.

I literally have to put my blinders on to not get sucked into the hype of this world trying to define me and my purpose according to its multi-marketing profit margins. Can’t we just be given a chance to explore and be entrepreneurial in Daddy’s timing?

I am dumbfounded at the state of the world in which we live right now. Somehow the government and all the systems have usurped Daddy Gods authority in telling each of us who we really are. True identity is a rare case but I refuse to buckle under the rapid rate of profession that everyone else has what it takes to be the next big wig or superstar of their enterprise.


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