VAX trap

Why else would vaccines be given out for free at every Walgreens and CVS. Now they want me as an adult to get one for shingles. I got one for the flu in 2009 and it caused my nerves to overfire and left me bedridden for over a year. Please, this is getting out of control. I personally know the effects of the poison and how they treated me with antibiotics and pills because they went down every rabbit trail to diagnose me with an ailment. After suffering for 4 years from the pharmaceutical cyclical treatments I had to stop all medicine. I can’t even take an Advil now because of the altercations I experienced from the vaccines and all the crap they pumped in my body afterwards. I pray the population opens their eyes to see the realities of this mandate upon children as being nothing less than a set up for future medical pills and loss of peace. Thank God I stopped the madness as an adult and have recovered about 50%, but a child’s only choice is his parents. Don’t do it. 

4 thoughts on “VAX trap

  1. This is a controversial issue and whilst we in the west have the luxury of debating the pro’s and cons as well as having the misfortune of having to sift through the amount of false information and scaremongering in order to make an informed decision, but for me there is no issue. Growing up in a third world, developing nation, we had no such luxury of discussion or question but rather was faced with vaccination, or face death or disablement.
    For the small percentage of people who have had adverse and allergic reaction, it is quite insignificant a percentage compared to the billions who have been vaccinated.


    1. Not in America where 273,000 children to date have autism because of vaccines. I get that it’s different in third world countries, but in order for me to go to India I had to get a polio vaccine that caused nerve damage. America isn’t the land of the free if parents are treated like criminals because they don’t want to vaccinate above the five required vaccines that have been standard for decades. It is poison over here for many reasons beyond padding the pockets of pharmaceutical companies because it is the beginning of taking away people rights.


      1. I am afraid that is not true and your hysteria us quite dangerous. There are no links to autism for vaccines but keep spreading the lies and further the erosion of the human race. Your posts are great but this one is way off!!


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