I want to ask.

“Don’t ask why, just do it”, is hardly a way to lead others. People under the burden of the “just do it” crazymaker aren’t free to ask why. Asking questions is considered rebellious, defiant, and insubordinate. Obedience, they feel, should be automatic and unquestioned. Yet to forbid questions greatly discourages the formation of responsibility in teamwork and trust among coworkers. Adults want to know why, not get around obedience, but to learn and grow. Successful executives are aware that their top producers are people who frequently ask why. They aren’t content to perform their tasks by rote. They want the wisdom of the boss’s perspective to help them achieve their goals. They know that this is best for the boss, the company, and themselves. Beware of authority figures who demand instant, unquestioned obedience. Not only do they not represent strong character, but they probably also have something to lose, such as control over you by your having information. “Just do it” is a crazymaker because it negates your ability to contribute valuable information. 

Quoted from False Assumptions by Cloud and Townsend. — with Polly Tomlinson and 6 others.

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